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Throughout a property’s lifecycle, you can take certain steps to future-proof your SFR investment and help maximize your income during each phase. Learn how a trusted service partner like MCS can help guide your purchase, maintenance and rehab decisions today so your properties are ready for tomorrow.guide-to-future-proofing-sfr-homes-ebook-framed-image

This complimentary eBook walks you through the key action items to future-proof your homes.

  • Pre-purchase evaluation and due diligence
  • Pre-rental services like rehabs and renovations
  • Occupied property services and preventative maintenance
  • Prepping your property for the next renter
  • How to choose the right service partner to protect your investment.

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Faster Occupancy

Our renovation cycles are among the shortest in the industry and our responsiveness is key. We help you get tenants into your properties efficiently.

Quality Work

Our hybrid performance model ensures all work is completed or overseen by MCS employees. Increasing control, quality, code compliance, speed and satisfaction.

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Purchasing Power

MCS leverages the purchasing power of national partnerships to secure materials at lower costs and help guarantee necessary supplies.

Field Presence

Our local market teams, service partners, and account managers work together to champion your needs and ensure quality and visibility are executed at each stage.

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MCS can help you maximize your investments with comprehensive property services, technology-enabled processes, and an extensive network of experienced employees and service partners.

Contact Jason Myers to start streamlining your SFR maintenance and save time and money.

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About Us
MCS is a leading property services provider working across Single-Family Rentals, Commercial Properties and the Property Preservation industry. For the SFR industry, MCS provides inspections, rehabs, maintenance and tenant turns across the country. Our hybrid service model combines a network of self-performing service centers and over 30,000 service partners to provide enhanced quality control, quicker service times, purchasing power, and faster occupancy. Additionally, we’ve expanded our technology platform by developing own system for work order management, project management, quality control, and billing that can seamlessly integrate with your technology platforms, providing more efficiency and transparency on each project. Learn more at MCS360.com.