MCS Report for SFR Investors

The Case for Centralized Lawn Services

Consolidate your SFR lawn services. Save time and money.

When it comes to lawn maintenance, SFR property owners and operators of all sizes face challenges—particularly when working with multiple vendors. Getting the job done efficiently and on time is key.

Make a strategic shift and adopt a centralized approach to eliminate hassles and generate cost savings.

This MCS special report helps answer the question "Why shift to a centralized lawn services program?":

  • Save time and hassle with a one-stop solution
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Consistency across all properties
  • Robust technology with flexible integrations
  • Background checks, licensing and insurance are handled
  • Best of all…financial savings and improved efficiencies
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MCS can help you maximize your investments with comprehensive property services, technology-enabled processes, and an extensive network of experienced employees and service partners.

Contact Jason Myers to start streamlining your SFR maintenance and save time and money.

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